Heather and Dave’s Engagement Session

Event Date: April 24, 2020

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Congratulations to Heather and Dave on their recent engagement! They will tie the knot on April 24th, 2020 at the Normandy Farm Hotel in Blue Bell, PA. These two lovers had our Normandy Farms Wedding Photos team to help capture cute moments throughout!  

First, Heather and Dave headed out to a paved road, surrendered by the beautiful scenery of nature, and stopped for some breathtaking long shots. Heather was wearing a wonderful pink dress, while Dave matched in an equally good looking blue button up and tan shorts. They then found some beautiful art alongside the forest, and stopped for a quick kiss and hug! Afterwards, they made their way to a jaw dropping view of a local bridge, where our Normandy Farms Wedding Photos captured some awesome pics of our fantastic lovers! Next, they made their way back to the trail, only this time alongside a four legged friend!  

The couple traveled through the forest with their adorable pooch by their side. They stopped for a quick hug, which gave Heather enough time to flash her brand new engagement ring! With their friend leading the way, the whole family was together to capture the moment together, a snapshot of their wonderful future to come! However, now it was time for our couple to show a little personality, and competitive spirit! The two changed into some Philadelphia Eagles T-shirts, with the new last name “Thomas” written on the backside. They even got their cute puppy involved with a his own tiny jersey to wear! It was simply adorable, and shows how much team spirit this couple has!

Congratulations, once again, to Heather and Dave on their recent engagement! We’re happy that our Normandy Farms Wedding Photos could help play a small role in such a special moment! We’ll see you both in April!     

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