Jessica and Sean’s Engagement Session

Event Date: July 24, 2021

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Congratulations to Jessica and Sean on their engagement! This adorable duo will tie the knot next summer on July 24, 2021 at Brigalias in Sicklerville, NJ. Thankfully, their Brigalias Wedding Photos will turn out beautifully.

First, their day began with a stroll around the fountain! Water sprinkled from every direction as these lovebirds kissed, held hands, and walked on the grass together. How cute! Luckily, the day gave the perfect opportunity for an amazing engagement shoot. Jessica looked absolutely gorgeous in her pink floral dress and wedge heels. Sean looked handsome in his light navy blue oxford shirt, khaki pants, and grey sneakers. Their Brigalias Wedding Photos will definitely capture magical moments like these next year!

Next, the duo hit the gazebo for a little fun as they danced and twirled around. Then, they took portrait shots in a classic couple’s pose. Afterwards, they took some more portrait shots next to the most beautiful fountains. At one point, Sean picked up Jessica and spun her around! Jessica had the biggest smile on her face! We knew she couldn’t wait for the big day next summer! We’re sure their Brigalias Wedding Photos will contain the most memorable and unforgettable moments. 

Finally, the duo made their way to a grassy field for individual portrait shots. Both of them really knew how to work the camera! Then, they took a stroll under a short bridge and made their way to the most magnificent garden filled with colorful flowers. Here, they took even more portrait shots that truly captured their love for each other. Afterwards, they concluded their engagement shoot by enjoying the relaxing waterfall as they shared one final kiss.

Congratulations to Jessica and Sean! Above all, we think your Brigalias Wedding Photos will perfectly capture every moment of your special day. We can’t wait to capture your wedding next summer!

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