Krystal and Ray Wedding at Camden County Boathouse

Event Date: June 6, 2015

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Congratulations to Krystal and Ray on their beautiful wedding! These two lovebirds tied the knot at the Camden County Boathouse and it was nothing short of spectacular!

From the breathtaking beadwork of Krystal’s dress to the beautiful blue dresswear, every detail of this wedding was flawless! Even the church was a classic beauty! Their photoshoot by the water will practically take your breath away!

The party really started at the reception though! Everyone was up and dancing with umbrellas and a rockin’ band with fun instruments! The room was filled with love and smiles.

We are honored to have played a role in capturing each and every detail of day! Thank you Krystal and Ray for letting our South Jersey Wedding Photographers be a part of your day and we wish you all the best!

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KSRH-1217 KSRH-1218 KSRH-1219 KSRH-1220 KSRH-1221 KSRH-1222 KSRH-1223 KSRH-1224 KSRH-1225 KSRH-1226 KSRH-1227 KSRH-1228 KSRH-1229 KSRH-1230 KSRH-1231 KSRH-1232 KSRH-1233 KSRH-1234 KSRH-1235 KSRH-1236 KSRH-1237 KSRH-1238 KSRH-1239 KSRH-1240 KSRH-1241 KSRH-1242 KSRH-1243 KSRH-1244 KSRH-1245 KSRH-1246 KSRH-1247 KSRH-1248 KSRH-1249 KSRH-1250 KSRH-1251 KSRH-1252 KSRH-1253 KSRH-1254 KSRH-1255 KSRH-1256 KSRH-1257 KSRH-1258 KSRH-1259 KSRH-1260 KSRH-1261 KSRH-1262 KSRH-1263 KSRH-1264 KSRH-1265 KSRH-1266 KSRH-1267 KSRH-1268 KSRH-1269 KSRH-1270 KSRH-1271 KSRH-1272 KSRH-1273 KSRH-1274 KSRH-1275 KSRH-1276 KSRH-1277 KSRH-1278 KSRH-1279 KSRH-1280 KSRH-1281 KSRH-1282 KSRH-1283 KSRH-1284 KSRH-1285 KSRH-1286 KSRH-1287 KSRH-1288 KSRH-1289 KSRH-1290 KSRH-1291 KSRH-1292 KSRH-1293 KSRH-1294 KSRH-1295 KSRH-1296 KSRH-1297 KSRH-1298 KSRH-1299 KSRH-1300 KSRH-1301 KSRH-1302 KSRH-1303 KSRH-1304 KSRH-1305 KSRH-1306 KSRH-1307 KSRH-1308 KSRH-1309 KSRH-1310 KSRH-1311 KSRH-1312 KSRH-1313 KSRH-1314 KSRH-1315 KSRH-1316


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