Lauren and Nick’s Wedding at Brigalias

Event Date: September 8, 2019

Brigalias Wedding Photos

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Congratulations to Lauren and Nick on their recent wedding! The two shared their “I do’s” on September 8th, 2019 at the Brigalias in Sicklerville, NJ. The lovers looked utterly beautiful together in our Brigalias Wedding Photos!

First, Lauren began her day preparing with her bridesmaids. She wore an absolutely beautiful white dress with jewelry to match, while her bridesmaids wore elegant maroon dresses. Meanwhile, Nick was preparing for the big day with his groomsmen. He wore a grey suit with a white bow tie, while his groomsmen wore grey suits with maroon ties to match the bridesmaids. Once the preparation was complete, it was time for a long awaited ceremony! The two made their way down the aisle, shared their vows, and capped it off with a first kiss as husband and wife! Our Brigalias Wedding Photos captured the lovers’ embrace, and the pure joy erupting from the crowd! Afterwards, it was time for the celebration to begin, and for the guests to head to the venue.

The venue looked absolutely astonishing. With beautiful pink lighting, cute decorations, and a prominent dance floor for all of the guests to enjoy! Once everyone had arrived, our Brigalias Wedding Photos captured the first dance between Lauren and Nick as newlyweds. With family and friends watching on, they captivated the crowd with their pure love for each other! Once the dance was complete, the rest of the guests joined in on the fun, and the party had officially began! The celebrating continued throughout the night, alongside some heartfelt moments. The toasts given to the newlyweds were beautiful, and the couple also shared a slice of the gorgeous wedding cake! It was simply unforgettable!

Congratulations, once again, to Lauren and Nick on their fantastic wedding! Thank you for allowing us to partake in our special day!


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