Lindsey and Chalie’s wedding at the Northampton Valley Country Club

Event Date: June 29, 2018

Lindsey and Chalie’s wedding at the Northampton Valley Country Club

Congratulations to these two love birds on tying the knot! 

The big day has finally arrived and this bridal party was ready to start their morning pampering in matching emerald green robes. Lindsey shared many memories with her favorite ladies by her side. From hair to makeup this prep session was flawless. 

Just outside Chalie awaited the arrival of his bride for their first look. His smile grew ear to ear as Lindsey walked up behind him. As the two waited back to back they read hand written letters from one another. This only made their anticipation grow stronger to finally get the chance to turn and see each other. Our NJ Wedding Photographer caught the tears of joy falling from their eyes when they each turned to face one another.

After a touching first look, and fun photos with our NJ Wedding Photographer, it was time for the bride and groom to head to their ceremony at the Northampton Valley Country Club. as the bridal party made their way up to line the alter loved ones waited to finally see the bride-to-be arrive. Everyone rose from their seats as Lindsey’s mermaid style dress glided gracefully down the aisle and into Chalie’s arms. The newly weds exchanged beautiful vows at this outdoor ceremony and sealed their love with a kiss. 

As the new Mr & Mrs made their way to the reception to celebrate everyone followed. With our Spot Light Monogram illuminating the dance floor everyone was ready for the couples grand entrance. The couple asked everyone to “help capture the love” using their hashtag #Fallingforfeeley, and that’s exactly what everyone did! 

This reception was nothing but perfection as our NJ Wedding DJ played the hottest hits. Guests danced the night away but when their feet got tired they were sure to stop in our NJ Social Photo Booth to create even more memories that would last a lifetime. From their fabulous first dance to touching toast this wedding was to die for. 

Congratulations, again to Lindsey and Chalie! We wish you the best in your new life together!


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