Melissa and Jaclyn’s Wedding at Clark’s Landing Yacht Club

Melissa and Jaclyn’s Wedding at Clark’s Landing Yacht Club

Event Details:


Date: June 22, 2018

Names: Melissa & Jacolyn

Venue: Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant

Congratulations to Melissa and Jaclyn on their recent marriage! Love comes easy when you find your soulmate.

With their favorite bridesmaids by their side in matching floral robes the morning flowed with ease. Jaclyn’s anticipation was at an all time high as she primped and pampered to make their grand entrance. Melissa was also only a few rooms away getting her hair curled tight and makeup blended to perfection. Before either of the brides had a chance to slip into their wedding day attire they had the chance to read a heartfelt handwritten note from one another. 

Jaclyn’s heart was pounding when the sound of Melissa’s footsteps came down the steps. When Melissa placed her hand delicately on Jaclyn’s shoulder it was a moment of pure delight. In one quick turn Jaclyn finally got the chance to see Melissa in her one of a kind gown. Love and laughter filled the air in their first look and our NJ Wedding Photographer was their to capture it all.

The Clark’s Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ gave these bridal beauties a ceremony they will never forget. As pastel pink began to line the alter awaiting the arrival of the beautiful brides loved ones began to stand. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the brides being escorted by their fathers to finally greet each other at the end of alter. 

After a touching ceremony, these newly weds headed off to celebrate with their new big happy family at the reception. Everyone had a great time, especially when they stopped in our NJ Social Photo Booth to make memories that last forever. With thoughtful toasts, a fabulous first dance, and creative cake this wedding day was really all tied together. 

Congratulations, again, to this lovely couple! We hope your big day was everything you imagined!