Saiju and Clarissa’s Wedding at The Westwood

Saiju and Clarissa’s Wedding at The Westwood

Event Details:


Date: September 8, 2018

Names: Saiju & Clarissa

Venue: The Westwood in Garwood

Congratulations to Saiju and Clarissa on their recent marriage! This lovely couple officially became one on September 8th 2019 at The Westwood in Garwood and it was a night to remember!

Clarissa and her bridesmaids started the day in matching floral robes and their hair and makeup got done. The bride admired her dress that hung in the window, moments before putting it on. Her wedding bouquet was white and lilac roses and it was so pretty! Our  NJ Wedding Photographer  was there for every moment of Clarissa getting ready as she put her earrings on, buttoned up the back of her dress and perfected the look of her veil! 

At the church ceremony, Saiju waited patiently with his best man before he finally laid eyes on his bride. He could not get the smile off of his face as Clarissa slowly walked down to the aisle. The traditional ceremony was so beautiful and all their guests had tears of joy in their eyes! Our  NJ Wedding Photographer  was sure not to miss any of the speeches and of course the first kiss! When the rings were placed on their fingers they were officially announced husband and wife! Following, Saiju and Clarissa posed with their family for some church photos that they would have to remember forever! The bridal party stepped outside and got some fun group photos as well!

These two were so cute as they went around the grounds together before heading to the reception. After a quick outfit change, it was time to party!  Everyone quickly got down on the dance floor and had such a fun time! Our  NJ Wedding Photographer  didn’t miss a beat that night. Guests had the best night celebrating the newlyweds! 

Congratulations, again, to the newlyweds! Enchanted Celebrations wished you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!