Stefany and Jon’s Wedding at The Bradford Estate

Stefany and Jon’s Wedding at The Bradford Estate

Event Details:


Date: May 19, 2018

Names: Stefany & Jon

Venue: The Bradford Estate

Congratulations to Stefany and Jon on their recent marriage! This couple tied the knot at the charming Bradford Estate on a May afternoon. “I have found the one whom my soul loves” read the sign at this wedding, and it couldn’t be more true for Stefany and Jon! These two were clearly destined to be together. We are so lucky to have witnessed such a captivating love!

Surrounded by bridesmaids, champagne bubbles, and a beautiful letter from her soon-to-be husband, this bride began her special day in the best way. As each piece of hair was curled, dress buttoned, and shoe slipped on, Stefany radiated beauty and her wedding look blew everyone away. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured Jon just rooms away playing some pre-wedding poker with his groomsmen; though winning didn’t seem to be on his mind, as he knew Stefany was the greatest prize of all!

The moment these two laid eyes on each other was magic! She captured his breath and he captured her heart. It was finally time for the lovebirds to wed, and they couldn’t have been more ready!

As Stefany ascended down the isle, it was as if these two soulmates were being pulled to each other. The room was in awe as they exchanged vows and our NJ Wedding Photographer caught the moment they sealed their love with a kiss!

Cakes, cookies, and cocktails, the reception was as lively as ever! Our NJ Wedding Photographer caught the “He or She” games making the crowd laugh and every touching toast that brought tears to our eyes!

Congratulations, again, to the newlyweds! We wish you many  more days as perfect as this as you begin your new life together. This couple proved that when you “do all things with love”, it makes for a day of bliss, excitement, and the best start to a wonderful new journey!