Stephanie and Chancey’s Wedding at Masso’s

Stephanie and Chancey’s Wedding at Masso’s

Event Details:


Date: May 19, 2018

Names: Stephanie & Chancey

Venue: Masso's

Congratulations to Stephanie and Chancey on their recent marriage! This lovely couple tied the knot at Masso’s in Glassboro, NJ. Everything about their special day was magnificent!

The couple started their day off by getting all dressed up! With the help of family, Stephanie laced her dress up and Chancey put on his tie. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured their entire morning, including the beautiful vale being placed on Stephanie’s head.

Friends and family headed to the church where the lovely couple would make it official. They placed the wedding bands on each others fingers and said “I do!” Our NJ Wedding Videographer was able to capture the beautiful ceremony on film. They snapped a few family photos before heading to the venue.

Over at the reception, many friends and family stood up to give a toast to the couple. Loving words and laughter filled the room as memories were shared. All night long, the dance floor was packed and guests were having a great time as our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to take a few photos. The newlyweds could not keep the smiles off of their faces because they were too excited!

Congratulations, again, to Stephanie and Chancey. We are so happy you shared your special day with us. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!