Tara and Andrew’s Wedding at Old Mill Inn and Grain House

Tara and Andrew’s Wedding at Old Mill Inn and Grain House

Event Details:


Date: October 27, 2018

Names: Tara & Andrew

Venue: Old Mill Inn

Congratulations to Tara and Andrew on their recent marriage! The couple held their wedding at the charming Old Mill Inn and Grain House in Basking Ridge, NJ.

Tara and Andrew started the day prepping for their dream wedding.  Their families was there to share all the excitement that day!  The lovebirds spent the morning laughing with loved ones and creating memories that would last a lifetime. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to catch all the amazing moments for the couple to reminisce about in the future. After all the finishing touches were made, the bride and groom were ready to meet each other down the aisle!

During the ceremony, the bridesmaids were dressed in deep purple gowns and the groomsmen in matching ties. After the wedding party walked down the aisle, the stunning bride made her grand entrance. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured this once in a lifetime moment! Andrew stared in awe Tara making her way to him. After the couple said their vows, they were finally off to celebrate!

At the reception, the guests raised their glasses of champagne in honor of the newlyweds! Some of the guests were even caught snapping selfies. Our NJ Wedding Photographer took photos throughout the night of fun on the dance floor and enjoying the food! 

Congratulations, again, to Tara and Andrew! Overall, we hope your wedding was everything you dreamed of!