When it comes to deciding what colors you want to use for your South Jersey wedding there are always a number of factors that are considered; the venue, the time of the day, and whether you’ll have a laid back NJ beach wedding, or a more formal affair. LBI has so many venues that offer beautiful views, and sandy beaches.

For LBI weddings, one thing’s for sure: NJ beach weddings are in! And everybody is doing it! So what kind of colors should you use? Our suggestion for this upcoming summer; try Teal & Tangerine. Sounds crazy right? Just weren’t colors you would think to put together? Well, think again, these two colors go so well together for a LBI wedding! It’s the perfect mix of bright colors, a white dress, and tan suits for the men! Your LBI wedding photography is sure to look amazing with teal and tangerine color combo and the beautiful beach backdrop.

Tangerine and Teal can also be eccentric colors for table decorations, including starfish and shells, and can certainly brighten up those floral arrangements for the centerpiece of the table! Imagine walking into the room of your Ocean County wedding with teal tableclothes and tangerine table runners, sounds beautiful right?

Always think outside the box when it comes to your special day, and when thinking about a  NJ beach wedding, pick the colors that will stand out the most. There is nothing more beautiful than bright colors, sunshine, sandy beaches, and the angelic ocean as a backdrop for your wedding photos! LBI beach weddings are the best way to go for an outside affair!

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