A big congratulations to Georgie and Chris on finally being able to celebrate their marriage! Georgie and Chris got married during covid but finally had the opportunity to celebrate with all their loved ones on July 17th, 2021 at the Ballyowen Golf Club in Hamburg, NJ! We are thrilled that our talented videographers highlighted Georgie and Chris’ day so wonderfully in this Ballyowen Golf Club wedding video

Georgie and Chris met while they were both undergraduates at Ramapo College. Their sorority and fraternity were friendly with each other, so after seeing each other around at parties and events, they decided to exchange numbers and talk. After a friendly gathering at a beach in Lavallette, they decided to make things official! 

When Chris proposed to Georgie it was a huge surprise! All of their friends and family were present for the special moment. The newlyweds were so excited to celebrate their wedding after waiting so long to have their special day. We are so happy that they have this Ballyowen Golf Club wedding video to relive their day for years to come.

Congratulations again to Georgie and Chris! We hope this Ballyowen Golf Club wedding video is everything you could have ever wanted in a video!