Depending on the time of year you get married, it can be easy or extremely difficult to find the right decorations to give you that unique look you want for your wedding.  Here are five of our favorite holiday inspired extras!!

red dress
Of course everybody loves the holidays! For a Christmas inspired look, adding hints of red is a great way to show off your holiday spirit. Also, little patches of white fringe can help tie in that overall “Winter Wonderland” theme.


If you are of a certain religion or ethnic background, show your pride to your guests. This couple decided to use their Irish heritage to have a Saint Patrick’s Day theme wedding. No matter what religion or heritage you or your significant may be you can incorporate any holiday you may celebrate into your big day for that special touch.


February is technically part of the “off- season” but if you do get married during that month, this ice sculpture is a perfect decoration for a Valentine’s Day inspired wedding. It is a fun way to spread the love and celebrate finding your life-long sweetheart!


These next two tips are for holidays per se, but for specific holiday seasons. For the summer, having parasols is a great extra. Giving them to the guests will keep the cool in the summer heat, and can double as props for photos and decorations later on!


For the Fall and early winter, adding leaves and sunflowers are great additions. It will give your wedding a laid back Autumn feeling even if the weather does not agree with the season. It will put everybody in the mood for some apple cider and pumpkin pie at the dessert table!

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