NJ wedding DJs can range from $400 upwards to $2000 for a basic package. The cost of a wedding DJ normally is based on what is or isn’t included in the package booked.

A reputable company will offer a basic package consisting of 5 hours of continuous music, 2 entertainers, a light show, and online planning software to select music. Most DJ companies in NJ who are serious about customers’ weddings will offer this package for around $1195.

A common misconception is that you should shop for a DJ based on a promotional video. While this video may look impressive (normally more impressive, higher the price) it by no means is an accurate representation of what that DJ is like at a wedding. Anyone can look good for 3 minutes especially if the video is filled with special effects. Ask the company to speak to or meet the DJ. In my company I recommend conference calls so the customer can focus on their voice while they are speaking. In NJ all wedding DJs have different ideas to help their prospective customers choose the best DJ for them. The best rule of thumb for a consumer is to find a DJ that makes you feel comfortable. That same DJ or DJ company will be focused on the entire flow of the wedding as opposed to just the entertainment; making the whole day go even smoother.

It is so important for brides and grooms to understand that your entertainment will make or break your wedding reception. Granted you will have your album and video forever and the music will only last that night, neither are fun if your DJ is not energetic and making your guests smile and dance.

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Alex Karas is a full-time wedding industry entrepreneur in Manahawkin, NJ. He is the owner/operator of a wedding services company, Enchanted Celebrations. To learn more about wedding planning and tips you can visit his website at http://www.enchantedcelebrations.com or contact him directly at alex@enchantedcelebrations.com.