How you dress for a wedding is never going to be the same from each wedding you attend. Depending on the location, whether inside or outside, or the type of venue, it can drastically change what you decide to wear.


There is no general guideline of what you can and cannot wear to a wedding; it really is up to the atmosphere the bride and groom are trying to achieve. Some couples like to have a very casual wedding letting their guests dress down more than usual. Then others love having a fancy wedding where gowns and suits are necessary.

Depending on the venue, as well as, the theme of the wedding can help you decide what is appropriate to wear to the wedding without having to consult the bride and groom.

If you are unsure and don’t want to bother the bride and groom make sure to dress as you normally would to any wedding: men in suits and women in a dress or skirt. It’s always better to dress up rather than down if you are uncertain!

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