The colors that a bride chooses for their wedding it an important aspect, and it will carve the path of what dresses your bridesmaid will wear and the bouquets for the entire bridal party. When picking a bouquet it is important to make sure that the bouquets themselves are not hard to handle or too big. A medium size bouquet is best for the bridesmaids, especially the maid of honor, who is going to be holding your bouquet as well during your ceremony. As far as colors, we have picked three of our favorites to give you some inspiration!

Bouquet 2

This mixture of lilies and light pink roses is appropriate for an early spring wedding. The light neural colors will allow you to be more flexible with your overall color scheme, and matching better with different hues. Also, the idea of light pink roses is a classic touch for any wedding.


Bouquet 3

This second bouquet is perfect a bright and vibrant summer or early fall wedding. The colorful flowers reflect the rich tones of the season, and give a fun and youthful feel to your bridal party! If you aren’t sure about having such bright colors, sit down with your florist and a patch of the material for your bridal party to see what complements best.



Finally, this bouquet is the best mixture for a classic yet youthful look. The while flowers with the bright pinks create a beautiful fun bouquet, that will go with whatever season you choose to get married! With the mixture of flowers, it creates a beautiful array of colors, without taking center stage over the bride on her wedding day.

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