A lot of planning goes into a wedding and each decision you make is a very important one. If you pick the wrong photographer, you are going to be left with pictures that you won’t be happy about and there is no way to go back and fix that! A word of advice, take your time and really do some research about photographers in your area.

Here are some tips to make sure you find the right photographer:

First, be sure to get a photographer who does not mind kids or photographing the elderly.

Second, be sure to get someone who is willing to devote all day to the project, as you don’t want your photographer darting off midway through the wedding.

Third, find a photographer that is open minded and willing to work with the photogenic styles you are looking for.

Fourth, make sure they are fun! No one wants a miserable photographer bossing them around all day!

One place you can find a photographer with all these characteristics listed above is at Enchanted Celebrations. Each photographer pays attention to every detail with impeccable care and imagination leaving you with one-of-a-kind wedding photos!

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