Your favorite colors for your wedding can be incorporated into every aspect of the day, its no longer with just flowers and table clothes. Many weddings are going for pink! This girly color is fun and bright for summer!


There are so many ways to include pink in your special day and these unique pops of pink can be easily captured by your local wedding photographers. Lucky for many brides pink is an easy color to capture for your wedding photographer because its so vibrant!

So how can a bride bring a little pink splash into her  wedding so that the memories that last forever are just as beautiful? Well the easiest way is through the flowers! From roses, tulips and gerber daisies there is a pink flower out there to fulfill any brides taste!

The next easy way to infuse pink is through your brides maids dresses or even touches of pink in their shoes and accessories!

However not all New Jersey brides are conventional and you may want to add a splash of pink where your guests least expect it! These ways can include:

  • the cake
  • invitations
  • table cards and numbers
  • lighting
  • the runner

Pink is a happy color that everyone will love and smile about! Just remember that each wedding is different and unique so make yours be a reflection of you and your love!


Pink infusions throughout your wedding provides a great backdrop for your point pleasant wedding photographer to capture gorgeous moments. If you have yet to find a wedding photographer in your area we can help you do that! Not only are our photographers skilled but they can also see the different ways to capture your purple moments!