South Jersey

As we all know, getting married in a giant stepping- stone in most people’s lives. It is the one day where two people take an oath to one another. Now, who wouldn’t want to remember that?  While it obvious that every bride hires a photographer, some overlook to perks of having a videographer to fully capture those special moments on their big day.

With a videographer, they can film full pieces that you can re-watch with your girlfriends, significant other, and those who weren’t able to make it!

When hiring any individual to perform a service, it can be tricky to decipher those who will provide a good service, and those who just want to empty your wallet. To ensure that your wedding video doesn’t look like an eighth grader’s school project there are a few things to consider when looking for a videographer.

First, ask friends or family members that have recently been married and had their wedding recorded. Watch the video and find out what you want or don’t want to make it easier when you have to make a decision. There are also a online wedding directories that can minimize the search.

After you find a potential videographer, be sure to see their past work from other weddings. Do they have smooth transitions? How is the quality of the video overall? Do you get along well with the person? If you do not feel that they will meet you expectations, be courteous yet honest with the person and yourself.  You are paying for the service, so it is important to be flexible, but to also receive the quality of service you desire.

If a videographer does manage to find a way into your budget, be sure not to act to posed if you find yourself in front of the camera, which you most likely will. Also, don’t forget to have fun with this and create your own little movie of your special day!

There are several places in South Jersey besides your venue that you film at to make the end product a unique representation of your wedding. This is something that is going to be seen again, shown to your children, and maybe even grandchildren one day!  Still not sure about saying “Action!” just yet? Check out some samples of our own videographers’ work  in South Jersey and more tips for hiring a videographer.