Your wedding day has come and gone and after months of planning and preparation, you simply cannot wait to see how the photos of your day came out. Will you open a package filled with pictures of your posed bridal party or fun candid photos that will make you smile as you remember your special day? In this part two post of “I Do or I Don’t” we will be discussing wedding photography.

Your pictures are one of the most important aspects of your wedding because although you will remember some things from your day, many years later you might not recall some specific events happening. Professional wedding photographers are there to capture every second of your wedding so that you will never be able to forget anything!

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The Preparation

Since the fun always begins before the wedding starts make sure your wedding photographer is available and ready to come hours before its time to walk down the aisle! Candids of you and your girls preparing for the big event are always some of the most memorable moments you’ll be happy we captured!

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The Wedding Service

No matter where you get married, whether it’s a church, beach or restaurant make sure your photographer takes pictures of not only the “kiss,” but also the other moments that make your day special and unique. Snapshots of the father of the bride crying, or the flower girl playing with her dress are the type of candid pictures that make wedding albums ones to remember.


The Reception

Wedding receptions have so many opportunities for fun and not forced pictures! Make sure your photographer gets photos of you and your groom dancing, but also make sure they get some fun shots of you and your girls having a blast on the dance floor!

The key to keeping your wedding photography classy and not cheesy, is making sure that your pictures are not too planned or forced. Candid pictures are always the best ones and if you feel too forced into a pose for a picture people can pick up on that right away. Just make sure to take your time on finding the best photographer and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

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