Congratulations to Javanna and Mario on their amazing wedding day which was located in North Jersey at Mayfair Farms. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was so excited to be there to be able to capture all moments of their wedding! Their wedding was recently published in Brides & Weddings Magazine! 

Brides and Weddings Magazine is a great place to find all kinds of needs for your wedding. They take part in helping you find everything you need for a couple’s special day!

Being able to see Javanna and Mario happy and in love was so magical. Javanna and Mario were surrounded by family and friends all day as they got to celebrate their love for each other. Starting the day off with the prep, you can feel the excitement in the air.

What made the day so incredible was seeing Javanna and Mario walk out in the reception as husband and wife for the very first time. Then the party was really ready to begin. From sharing their first dance together to dancing and having fun with all their family and friends, it was definitely a night that no one would forget. 

As speeches were given for the amazing couple and pictures were being taken all night by our NJ Wedding Photographer, it was truly mesmerizing seeing everyone having the time of their lives.

Congratulations again to the fantastic couple, Javanna and Mario, we wish you nothing but happiness and love forever. If you would love to check out their full story of their whole wedding day and seeing pictures as well, check it out here: