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wedding videographer jobs

We are looking for committed filmmakers who are motivated to work with our clients who appreciate your creative abilities and skill set. Build your own portfolio while filling your open dates with us! This is an amazing opportunity for individuals looking to enhance their portfolio and who are ready to work in a creative atmosphere to make someone’s special day memorable.

Job Description
Enchanted Celebrations is in search of an experienced and friendly videographer with a creative eye who is passionate about storytelling. We encourage you to let your imagination, creativity, and improvisation flow in order to capture a couple’s most important day and all of the authentic emotions that come with it. Our ideal Wedding Videographer will have the ability to tell our couple’s real life love stories.

The main focus is our client, so it is vital that you honor their requests to capture the beautiful details and the raw genuine memories of their special day. Your talents will be forever cherished in capturing these momentous occasions and bringing their love stories to life.

We value individual qualities such as dedication, hard work, and the capability to fit the dynamic of a team-oriented environment. The ideal individual must prioritize cooperation with event staff and clients.


  • Follow and satisfy client shot list requests
  • Shoot in a variety of styles in different lighting and locations
  • Think creatively – perform any additional creative filming to enhance their story
  • Build a unique, attention-grabbing portfolio on our website
  • Take artistic criticism from our in-house creative team
  • Capture clear audio and visual of the event for the intended editing use
  • Raw footage must be uploaded to the company server by 10AM the Monday after the event


  • Must have experience in wedding filmmaking
  • The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas required by our clients
  • Works well in a team setting
  • Unobtrusive style
  • Strong communication skills
  • Reliable transportation
  • Must be willing to demonstrate your talents for us by shadowing our head videographer between 1 and 3 times depending on experience (unpaid as an evaluation period).

Minimum Required Equipment

  • Must have own primary and backup equipment including camera/video (2 bodies) and any additional equipment including lighting, stands (tripod), gimbal/sliders, and LAV mics
  • Audio cables (for connecting to DJ equipment for audio recording)
  • Ability to film digital 1080:HD, 4K is a plus
  • Extreme PRO memory cards


  • Enchanted Celebrations plans 700+ weddings a year, the amount of opportunities to grow as a videographer and master your skills are limitless.
  • Gain experience with hundreds of venues all over NJ, PA, DE, MD and the NYC metropolitan area based on your desired travel locations.
    Our organized, friendly, and easy-to-reach professional team members will take care of everything before and after all shoots: from booking your weddings, editing (unless you would like to edit your own work), and even delivering the couples their final products.
  • Ability to increase or decrease your desired travel locations at any time.
  • Build your own portfolio from each and every one of our shoots.
  • Opportunity for your name to be mentioned in positives reviews on websites like Google, The Knot, WeddingWire etc.

This is an independent contractor position and compensation details will be disclosed in the offer letter. 

wedding videographer jobs
Take Advantage Of What’s To Offer With Our Wedding Videographer Jobs! 

Enchanted Celebrations offers an attractive amount of wedding videographer jobs for our staff members. Enchanted Celebrations is currently planning 700+ weddings a year with plenty of opportunities for wedding videographer jobs all over NJ, PA, DE, MD, CT, RI and the NYC metropolitan area. All of our wedding videographers are very experienced and they get to continue to grow their skills and portfolios with us. With all of our market areas and the number of opportunities for wedding videographer jobs, there is a plethora of chances to learn and master new abilities. Enchanted Celebrations has worked at hundreds of venues all over New Jersey which provides many different locations and experiences that you will encounter working wedding videographer jobs with us. Wedding videographers are the masterminds behind all of the emotions and creativity that is showcased in a wedding video. As a wedding videographer, you are the one to share the couples’ real life love stories and bring them to life. Wedding videographers are able to create long lasting impressions on everyone involved with our clients’ special days. Your name and efforts will be forever remembered because you are the artist that is bringing precious memories to these couples. With our wedding videographer jobs, you will be able to accomplish this at a high volume. This job is perfect for anyone who loves storytelling and who would take pride in capturing authentic moments that mean the world to happy brides and grooms. Wedding videographers have the privilege of taking an ordinary life and transforming it into an enchanted, cinematic story. You will be creating something that can be re-watched over and over again by taking wedding videographer jobs with Enchanted Celebrations.


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