Staff Wedding Photographer

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The Staff Wedding Photographer is responsible for taking all of the pictures requested for the specific occasion. A qualified person is able to take pictures in both a simple and abstract fashion and can move around individuals to create different picture scenes. The hours vary depending on the needs of the event. Being a committed and energizing individual is essential for this position.

• Capture entire scene of event including outdoor and indoor locations
• Take any pre and post event pictures that are requested based on the shot list
• Focus on main individual(s) of the event
• Focus on any important family/friends that are involved in the event
• Have the ability to create different picture ideas on the spot
• Images must be uploaded to the company server by 10AM the Monday after the event

•Experience in wedding photography
• Able to travel throughout NJ and eastern PA
• Owns Professional Photography gear
• Owns Professional back-up gear
• Has any necessary lighting/shading equipment that goes along with gear
• Comfortable using a camera and ability to take pictures in any condition (outdoor, indoor)
• Outgoing personality and high energy
• Ability to direct individuals to stand/sit in certain positions
• Strong communication skills
• LGBT Friendly
• Ability to work well under time restraints
• Ability to work with any limitations that arise during event

• 2 Professional camera bodies with a variety of lenses
• On camera flash (and working backup)
• Extreme Pro Memory Cards

After reviewing the applicant’s resume, an in-person interview will be conducted at the Enchanted Celebrations office. Based on the results of the interview, the applicant will be scheduled to perform up to 3 shadow shooting dates as a part of the Enchanted Celebrations due diligence process. Shadow shooting events are unpaid and do not satisfy any client contracted items. For more information on shadow shooting, please click here. Based on the results of the shadow shooting events, the applicant will be considered to be hired as an independent contractor.

The Staff Wedding Photographer will earn a day rate based on experience. Compensation increase evaluations will be conducted by the Director of Operations.                                                     Compensation for the Photographer position ranges from $150 to $450.



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