Congratulations to this adorable duo, Julia and Joseph! They recently celebrated their wedding at the gorgeous Park Savoy located in Florham Park, NJ. Check out their Park Savoy videos wedding here!

To start off their video, Ed Sheeran’s popular song, “Perfect” was playing in the background. First, our NJ Wedding Videographer captured footage of Julia admiring her gown before slipping it on. Of course, her bridesmaids helped her with the last-minute details and shared a morning champagne toast with her! Meanwhile, Joseph was reading a meaningful letter from his bride all dressed and ready for the first look.

Overall, their first look was an unbelievably magical and passionate moment! Their video filmed Julia’s tap on Joseph’s shoulder as he slowly turned around to see how beautiful she looked. The couple was surrounded by stunning gardens and waterfalls at Park Savoy, which painted a dreamy scene!

During the ceremony, Joseph promised to be Julia’s soulmate forever. Then, Julia said that Joseph will never walk alone. Finally, it was party time! Our NJ Wedding Videographer surely did not miss the heartwarming speeches told and champagne toast to a happy and healthy future for them! Overall, everyone spent the night dancing under the ambient lighting in celebrating such an amazing couple’s true love.

Congratulations, again, Julia and Joseph. In general, we hope you had as much fun at your wedding as we did capturing it all!

Park Savoy videos wedding