It has been about 9 months since my husband and I have been married (sorry about the procrastination, life got in the way!) Still, I want to mention several things that really stuck with me after working with enchanted celebrations. We got a group package with a photographer, videographer, DJ, and photo booth. Our experience with enchanted was amazing and bundling most of our services made the process much simpler and stress free! Let’s start with our photographer, Andrea! Oh. My. God. She was so passionate it was wonderful working with her!! It was clear she loves her job and when you get to take shots with someone who loves what they do, it makes the experience so much more pleasant! She managed to capture all of the moments that were really special and all of my little details (and we had a theme so there were many!) Our schedule got shifted a bit because we got caught up in all of these shots we wanted to take and ended up having to skip some if the shots I asked for during our setup call, but to be fair, I asked for way more shots than we really had time for – haha better safe than sorry I thought! but I didn’t have to plan so many since she had such a great vision for what shots would be great and we loved the outcome! On top of that, we didn’t prepare her for our dance, so she captured what she could at the time. However, after the reception, the party the venue had booked was postponed to another day due to a snowstorm so our bridal attendant got us permission to take more photos and Andrea suggested taking shots of our dance! We were so blessed to have a second chance to capture one of the highlight moments of our big day with just the two of us in our beautiful wedding! She asked us to redo all of our fancier moves so that she could capture them in the right angle and after seeing all the shots, we are so glad we did!! If you are able to snag Andrea, you are definitely in great hands. She went above and beyond and absolutely deserves more than 5 stars. Our videographer, Joey, was also great! He worked well with Andrea, being careful not to get in any shots. He went around and got clips of a lot of our details, including the aisle shot I wanted for the introduction! Our schedule got a little turned around but he managed to work around it by communicating with our bridal attendant. My husband was particularly impressed that he caught the servers handing out champagne glasses on the way out of the ceremony – such a small detail in the grand scheme of things! He was quick to run in and capture certain shots of us between scene changes in photo sessions, but also went around when Andrea was working with us and was busy capturing clips of everything else! He made great use of his time! When we watched the unedited video afterwards, I was in tears because I was so happy. He captured all of the moments we wanted him to but also got clips of moments we were not able to be there for. He had a vision for lighting, angle, and editing that really showed in the end result! One time, when we were taking our photos out in the garden, he ran in after Andrea and told my husband to whisper how many kids he wants in my ear for a quick setup and my husband whispered “well we need to get a dog first…” (by the way, we have a dog now!) which got me to smile and got us a memorable clip! To be continued…

Reviewed by Lucia and Chris on 09/28/2019

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