So you have planned the entire wedding ceremony and reception, but there may be one detail that you are missing. FAVORS! These will be the lasting or final memory a guest has of your wedding day.

Everyone knows that wedding favors can seem like a waste because many guests end up either not taking them or just throwing them out. So as a bride how do you make sure that your favors don’t end up in the trash?

Here are a couple of ideas as to how to make your favors memorable and not wasteful.

First idea is EDIBLE FAVORS! I mean everyone in the world loves food, so why not send your guests home with a treat! This way they can snack on the ride home from your affair.

Second idea is CHARITABLE FAVORS! These are the gifts that keep on giving. Instead of using the money for favors that will just get thrown out make donations to either your charity or ask your guests to pick from two options. This is a great way to make everyone leaving your wedding feel good, and nothing goes to waste.

The third idea is to give out MIXED CDS with the best of the tunes from your wedding ceremony! This idea is great because your guests may eventually throw away the CD but the music can end up on their iTunes. Next thing you know, all your friends will be running with their ipods along to the best of your wedding day.

The last idea we have for brides is to have your favors be apart of your wedding. For example if your having a beach wedding give out flip flops for your guests to walk on the sand. Or for the ceremony have custom monogramed handkerchiefs to clean up all the tears of joy!

All of these ideas can help brides to be the most cost effective when it comes to her wedding. This can take some of the stress out of planning a wedding.

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