The most important item a bride can buy for her wedding is her dress! With all the different styles and designs out there dress shopping can be very overwhelming. The dress needs to flatter the bride, make her shine, and most importantly make her feel special on her wedding day. There are many things to look for when picking out the perfect wedding dress. I have listed some tips to keep in mind when finding your wedding dress.

1. Do research about different dresses to get an idea. Going to look at dresses blindly will be overwhelming. There are many great resources such as wedding websites and magazines.

2. Be careful who you bring with you to try on gowns. Remember, these people will have a major opinion on which dress to buy.

3. Don’t settle for the first dress you see. Try on many different dresses to make sure that’s the one. If you are unsure then put the dresses on hold, think about it, and come back with an informed decision.

4. Think about the time of year you’re getting married in. This can determine which style of dress you might lean toward.

5. Make sure to try on shoes with your gown. They might not be the exact shoes you’re going to wear, but get an idea how a flat or heel looks with the gown.