Are you not the typical couple? Are you two basically big kids at heart or giant goof balls? Well why not bring that same vibe into your Ocean County wedding celebration! Not every wedding has to be serious and when your wedding is at a beach location it already has a laid back vibe. Why not give your guests a fun beachy experience that will leave them talking for weeks later!

Beach weddings are always fun! Now that summer has arrived LBI weddings and Cape May weddings will be popping up all summer long. So how does a bride make her Ocean County wedding different from all the others happening this summer?

Some greats ways for if your ceremony is in an indoor space is to add some blue ambient lighting. The hint of blue reflecting across the hall can give the guest a feeling of being underwater! Ambient lighting is a quick and easy way to add something more to LBI wedding that is off the beach.

Another great way to add something extra to your Ocean County wedding is to have some quirky party favors! Party favors leave all your guests with a lasting memory of your big day! Some great beachy ways to do party favors are sea shells or even sea shell shaped chocolate. Other beach themed party favors that can be given out during your Ocean County wedding are leis, and grass straw hats! These can be given out by your Ocean County wedding DJ, who is sure to be fully stocked with all types of beachy goodies!

Lets say you are a New Jersey bride whose Ocean County wedding is truly beached themed and the whole ceremony and celebration are at the shore. How can you create special moments even outdoors? One over the top way to add fun to you beach wedding is fireworks! Having a fireworks ceremony up in the night sky can end your wedding with a bang! Sitting on at your LBI wedding looking up at the fireworks will remind all your guests of Fourth of July and bring them back to that fun childhood summertime! Why not end your Ocean County wedding with a fun and unique surprise!

All of these ideas are great ways to add more to your wedding that just average! Ocean County weddings especially on the beach are unique to begin with so why not add more fun!

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