There are tons of important elements involved in creating the perfect wedding day. But the thing that really gets the party started is your wedding DJ. The music at any wedding is so important and that is why its important as a bride to know how to pick the right  DJ. No matter what kind of wedding your having you can find a wedding DJ who is the perfect match for you.

Wedding DJs have many packages at many different price points. As a bride it is important to pick a package that fits within your bridal budget and provides you with the party atmosphere you are looking to create.

There are generally four different types of wedding DJ packages one can chose from. This packages include:

  • Ceremony Music
  • Celebration
  • Celebration Plus
  • Celebration Deluxe

Each of these packages includes different features that your wedding DJ can add in order to enhance your  wedding. Having a deluxe package can provide a bride with tons of music, multiple entertainers, awesome lighting, CD keepsakes and more giveaways than one could ask for!

Everyone thinks of music at the celebration but what about having some entertaining music at your NJ beach wedding? Well a good Wedding DJ  can provide you with that option. Wedding ceremony music can be done on-site or off-site and can enhance the feeling of any LBI wedding.

Our company can offer all these types of packages and more to any bride. Visit to view all the packages we have available and get to know some of our DJs a little bit better.