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Congratulations to Christina and Andrew on their rustic wedding. The couple got married at Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms on May 1st 2021. The Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms wedding video captures the amazing day.

The day began with Christina being pampered and getting ready with her bridesmaids. Christina wore a white robe with Mrs. Smith on the back and the bridesmaids matched in black robes. Then the bride put on her shoulder, long sleeve mermaid gown and took the bridesmaid’s breath away. Christina’s hair was placed in an updo with two pieces of her hair dangling in front of her face. Her look was finished with an intricate veil stitched with flowers. Meanwhile, Andrew was putting on his Marine Corps uniform and was getting excited to see his lovely bride.

The ceremony took place outside in a wooden chapel with white benches and a fireplace. The bride walked down the aisle with both of her parents. They said their vows and Andrew kissed Christina passionately. Their friends and family clapped and rejoiced. 

After the ceremony, Andrew changed into a white suit with a black tie. The Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms Video captured the couple walking down the grounds and pastures of the venue. They stopped at a charming white gazebo and had a quick drink to commemorate the occasion. 

The reception was an intimate gathering in the barn.  In the corner of the barn, there was a pretty assortment of cakes and cupcakes. The top of the barn had gold twinkling light which set a romantic mood as the couple danced. Andrew dazzled Christina with his moves as he dipped her and then kissed her. 

We loved being a part of such a wonderful day! The Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms wedding video captured so many special moments. We wish Christina and Andrew the best of luck with their future endeavors!

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