Congratulations once again to Shannon and David on their engagement and their session that will be published in How They asked, By The Knot! Thankfully, our wedding photographers in South Jersey were there to capture this couple’s special day.

How They Asked, By The Knot is a publication to share marriage proposals along with real life stories! How They Asked, By The Knot  showcases the most perfect proposal ideas and advice. They even have a tab to help you find the best ring! 

 The couple had their engagement photos taken in a beautiful meadow area with beautiful greenery surrounding them. Shannon looked stunning in her white dress while David looked so handsome in his matching top and khakis! Shannon and David looked so adorable and happy in their photos! 

One of our favorites from that day was when David held Shannon in his arms while lifting her up. Shannon had her arms around him. With the beautiful greenery in the background, it really made the couple stand out in their white outfits. All of Shannon and David’s engagement photos came out so enchanted!

Another incredible photo that one of our wedding photographers in South Jersey took was when the couple stood on a white, tiny bridge. Shannon and David shared a kiss in the middle of the bridge with a breath-taking image of the trees behind them. You could really tell how much Shannon and David adored each other. We can not wait for them to tie the knot on September 5th!

Congratulations again to Shannon and David on their upcoming session being published in How They Asked, By The Knot! We are so happy your wonderful session was chosen to be shown to the whole world by August 2021. We can’t wait to see it!