Jewelry for a South Jersey wedding day is changing! Brides want to have chic and trendy weddings so here are some of the ways that new accessories can be incorporated into any wedding day!

You may be the person who loves deciding things according to their meanings. That’s where color symbolism comes into play. To brides, it is important in what they wear. While white is traditionally worn meaning purity, this year colors like bronze have a special meaning too.

Eternal arm bands can be uniquely worn on the upper arm. You can also customize this band by selecting gemstones, metals and even birth stones.

There are also fingerless lace gloves where you are still able to put rings on your fingers especially so the husband can slide on the ring.

Both of these trends give a super vintage look to a brides South Jersey wedding day look! And these accessories do not need to break the bank either, any bride can get all these items for cheap or costly!

A Bride can even get a Bronze garter for your wedding; giving it a more unique style. With a two-piece Garter you’ll be able to have a keepsake and a toss.

Why Bronze? Because bronze, made of copper and tin, cannot be separated once they are combined together. Symbolically, on a wedding day, the two come together to be married as one.

So think bronze for your South Jersey wedding day! Bronze is a great color to bring into your beach themed wedding! Bronze also works with many wedding colors from blue hues to warm maroons, your accessories can match the theme of your most important day!

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