A Ocean County wedding reception can involve many different things: flowers, music, food and decor. However much of the time brides will over look how important and effect lighting can be in creating a mood for your wedding!

Lighting can make any wedding appear bright and beachy or romantic and warm. Lighting can make your venue glow in your favorite color!

So what are some great ways to brighten up your wedding and not break the bank!?!

One of the basic ways to create lighting is with ambient lighting! This technique involves setting up light around the base of the walls so the light shines up and reflects off the venue walls! Ambient lighting can be plain white or use your wedding theme colors!

This method is easy for any bride to incorporate into her wedding, whether it be an LBI beach wedding or located inside a hotel!

Another great thing about ambient lighting is that is it isn’t expensive! Enough though this will help make your wedding look rich any bride can afford to have it!

Other simple ways to shine some light on to your special day it with spotlights, uplighting, customized patterns/colors, or stage lighting!

If you are looking to learn more about how to work different types of lighting into your wedding contact Enchanted Celebrations!