Is FUN the number one word used to describe you and your groom as a couple? If so how about the two of you add some fun into your wedding reception?

One of the top ways to infuse FUN into your wedding is with a photobooth! Photobooths bring everybody back to those moments on the boardwalk squishing in to fit all your friends or being cute with your sweetheart! So why not bring that same experience and feeling into your wedding.


However a wedding photobooth is a little more fun because you will be provided with props such as silly hats, over sized sunglasses, fake mustaches or feather boas! This way all your guests can squeeze into the photobooth with the most ridiculous outfits on!

Another great thing about having a photobooth at your wedding is that the pictures print in as little as 10 SECONDS! Not only do you get the fun of taking the pictures but you also get to laugh at the pictures after!

Ultimately photobooth provide a lot of LAUGHS for your wedding! The prints double as giveaways as well. All your guests can take home the prints and memories of your special day! And trust me this is not a wedding giveaway that guests will want to throw out! Most likely the photobooth prints from your wedding will end up on a wall in their house!

If you want to look more into photobooths and how much they cost look no further! Enchanted Celebrations is one of the few companies that can provide you with a quality photobooth!