Meet our Spotlight Client, Lisa and Kyle! These two cuties are set to tie the knot on March 28th, 2020 at Scotland Run Golf Club. Let’s check out their adorable love story and get excited for their big day!

Their Love Story…The Rest Is History!

“Kyle and I met in the U.S. Army. Kyle has been enlisted for 16 years previously a U.S Marine completing 2 tours to IRAQ in 04 & 05 and I have been enlisted 8 years now also. About 6 years ago through lots of different stars aligning and life choices on both our parts, completely separately, we ended up in the same unit which is where we met! We lived 100 miles apart and I told him I couldn’t imagine ending up living in the “woods” of South Jersey  (growing up 10 minutes out of NYC, South Jersey was the pine barrens to me) so there was no reason to get to know each other BUT he was persistent and I am very glad he was. He showed me a whole new world and a life of love, four years ago we bought our home and the rest is history!”

Fun Fact! 

“We are both HUGE football fans. Our house is a power sports house, basketball, football, soccer. Kyle has a son whose almost 7 and our world. He shares all the same interests as us and is am amazing soccer player and can’t wait for our family to all share the same name!”
We are so excited for their special day to finally be here! Thank you to Lisa and Kyle for letting us feature you on our blog this week. Congratulations on your engagement!

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