Meet Andrea

wedding photographer nj andrea

Hometown:  Ridgefield, NJ
Senior Wedding Photographer
Photos published in Brides & Weddings Magazine, Nearlyweds, Real Wedding Journals Aislememories, Big Day Made, and The Wed Clique.
Published on The Knot "How they asked" online
Bilingual Croatian
BS in Business Administration
Studied at The Academy of Art University San Francisco

Why I Love Weddings:

I enjoy being a part of someone’s special day, whether I am their photographer or their guest.

I was only five years old when I attended my first wedding (for my cousin).  I wore a peach-colored dress with a matching hat. The picture the photographer took of my cousin and I under a shaded tree came out beautifully. Film was the only option those days, and as we already knew, there was no way to go back and view the image. The photographer was able to take the image with the both of us looking straight at the camera and smiling.

Fast forward to over twenty years later, I’ve been a bridesmaid ten or more times and a maid of honor three times. I know all that’s involved in a bride’s big day and truly understand how important it is to make that day so special!

One of my favorite parts of the day is when the bride is getting ready before the ceremony with all of her close friends, bridesmaids, and family gathered around her. In that moment, I enjoy taking detail photographs of shoes, dresses, flowers, and the girls getting ready.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I always had my pictures taken as a child growing up. My mom would dress me and I would pose and smile or make funny faces to make my older sister laugh. I remember when I was finally able to use a camera and how it came so naturally to ask others to pose for me!

I have loved music and the arts for as long as I can remember. After my first photography class in college, I knew this was something I wanted to do. There was something so exciting about learning about the camera and having assignments. This craft is so much different than painting or drawing. It's something that I never expected to be so intrigued by as much as I am!

My photography style is traditional, classical, and artistic. A big thing about me as a photographer is that I do a lot of prep work in asking the couple detailed questions to get an idea of exactly what they are looking for in their wedding pictures.

If they are not sure, I am really good at making respectful suggestions and receiving feedback as well. Since I have been around a camera all of my life, it is very easy for me to adapt different styles and change direction based on the couple's immediate requests.