Meet Daniel

Hometown:  Willingboro, NJ
Senior Wedding Videographer
Senior Wedding Video Editor
Shooting Weddings Since 2010
BA in Audio Engineering and Media Production BA in Music Production and Sound Design (In Progress)

Why I Love Weddings:

I honestly enjoy seeing people happy and filming that. I enjoy capturing those little moments between a couple during the day, that no one else is really aware of and having that moment be just as emotional and impactful as their first look or their first kiss as newlyweds. I love the fact that every wedding has a unique story no matter how traditional or non-traditional it may be and I love being able to tell that story through a lens. 

A Little Bit About Myself:

I have a background in audio engineering and music. I absolutely love music! I used to play percussion heavily in a previous church of mine. I currently do live sound for my church, record and mix music projects, practice guitar, and DJ when I get a chance to. Music plays a deep role in every video that I get a chance to edit, so I am very happy to have that background. 

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

My most memorable wedding I have ever shot was for the Cleveland Browns Tight End, Seth DeValve, and his wife, Erica. We got to shoot some amazing moments and they were just so fun as a couple. They had a party bus for them and the entire wedding party! It was a blast the entire day, and I am so glad and honored that was my first wedding I got to shoot. 

My Videography Style:

My style of Videographer is cinematic. I love to tell each couple's unique love story though movie like highlights of their big day. I do whatever it takes to get the best shots and capture the moments that best represents each couple's relationship. 

Other Interests:

I am a huge film and TV nerd. I follow Game of Thrones extensively, I have all the books, I look up theories, and listen to the soundtracks! I am a huge sports fan as well. I like the Yankees, New York Jets, and Brooklyn Nets! 

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