Meet Dexter


Hometown:  Dover, DE
Senior Wedding Photographer
B.A. in History
Work showcased in Sydney, Australia and Philadelphia

Why I Love Weddings:
I love weddings because you are literally capture the emotion and significant moments of others. Because of the connection between memory and a photograph, I take my work very seriously. I understand that the highest level of trust is placed in a photographer. For that reason, I strive to go above and beyond to capture priceless moments and memories. It is truly an honor!

A Little Bit About Myself:
I am a seasoned photographer with plenty of experience. At age 21, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy where I resided for a month because of my study abroad program in college. It is because of this experience that I still love traveling and all types of photography today. Being a traveler has been of great advantage to me as a photographer. Getting introduced to new environments all the time has definitely opened up my creative mind.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:
While capturing a photograph of a married couple, the groom told me how the song playing in the background was the same song that played during their own first dance many years ago. You can't make that up!

I love capturing close-up shots the most! However, I make sure to get full body shots as well. I also love outdoor shooting that involves landscapes, especially beautiful sunsets (golden hour!).

Other Interests:
My other interests include running, weight training, and traveling. My greatest passion other than photography has to be traveling!! While traveling, I have the opportunity to meet interesting new people and learn about different cultures during my journey.

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