Meet DJ Randy

DJ Randy
Hometown:  Plainfield, New Jersey
Master of Ceremonies
Entertaining Weddings Since 1985
Started as a radio DJ in 1984
1994 Featured in Top 100 DJ Entertainers of New Jersey
Experience as an actor, dancer, and technical theater specialist for community, regional, and Off-Off Broadway productions

Why I Love Weddings:

I love weddings because they allow me the opportunity to utilize and exhibit my skills in music knowledge and diversity in multiple genres and styles. I love being able to engage and participate in crowd interaction and create a memorable experience for not only my clients but all guests attending. Ultimately, I aim to make a lasting impression and build an ongoing relationship with my clients.

A Little Bit About Myself:

From high energy bops to laid back hits, I strive to cater to my client's unique tastes. I love all kinds of music, from classical to jazz, new age to contemporary, and classic rock to 80's ( my favorite genre by the way!).  My musical knowledge and diversity in music programming is often considered unique and unmatched. From my abilities to energize and engage any crowd, to my career experience in customer service and client relations (2 time business owner), I take pride in every facet of this industry and have been in-love with for over 30 years.

How I Handle Music Requests:

I think it is necessary to not only be able to exhibit your talents as an entertainer, but your skills and talents as a client/customer focused individual as well. I always welcome and encourage requests to "round out" my already established music programming. This shows the client that you are there to not only exhibit your skills, but also happy to incorporate their song requests and those of their guests as well.

How I Get Guests Up And Dancing:

I usually play a recognizable and high energy hit or implement a fun activity to involve the guests and encourage them to come out to the dance floor (a fun game or icebreaker or something of the sort).  Each situation and environment is completely unique. Above all, my philosophy has always been..." A DJ is only as his/her audience".

Other Interests:

Other than being a DJ, I am passionate about movies, music, and theater! I also love travelling and spending time outdoors, dining out, and working on tasks at home.

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