Meet DJ Lenny

DJ Lenny
Hometown:  Washington Township, NJ
Master of Ceremonies
Entertaining Weddings Since 1981
Associate's Degree Substitute Teacher

Why I Love Weddings:

I love weddings because of the positive atmosphere and happiness felt by everyone in the room as two families become one. Seeing the bride smile as I make a special dedication to her grandmother or hearing the applause and laughter from guests during a bride and groom Shoe Game is priceless! It gives me great pleasure knowing that I played a small part in providing lifelong memories for everyone. I pride myself in delivering every song the bride and groom requests.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I cannot remember a time when music was not a part of my life! I am fortunate that I have an appreciation for all music genres and continue to anticipate the next big hit or music trend. Upon graduating high school, I purchased basic DJ equipment and started performing at parties. After seeing the positive impact this brought people around me, I was hooked immediately and knew this was something I could see myself doing for a very long time! In addition to weddings, I love to perform for various Special Needs organizations in my area.

How I Handle Music Requests:

I take all requests seriously and determine how it fits into the bride and groom’s program as well as its ability to keep the flow. Sometimes, the oddest request is unique to a family and can do wonders at the event! When I do play a request, my years of experience has given me the confidence to know when and how to fit it in.

How I Get Guests Up And Dancing:

I get guests engaged by gaining their confidence early on. From the very beginning, I try to make small talk with guests and even introducing myself to the guests. If the guests feel comfortable with me, they are more likely to get involved and participate should I ask them to do so. Confidence is also gained with some ice-breakers, starting with the  popular centerpiece giveaway during dinner. A final key to fill the dance floor is my ability to read the crowd and make adjustments as appropriate.

Other Interests:

I like going to the gym, and especially enjoy taking a Spinning class and playing Pickleball.  Cooking is another passion of mine. I am constantly on the lookout for various ethnic recipes and new kitchen gadgets! I take pride in my home and its appearance, so it is not uncommon to find me at Lowe’s looking for my next project to tackle.