Meet Erica

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY
Second Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2009
Attended and Displayed by PhotoManhattan
Photographed for New York Fashion Week
Photographed for Z100 & the Z Morning Zoo

Why I Love Weddings:
The DYNAMICS! I'm a professional people watcher! I truly adore capturing every little detail as well. I tend to sway towards a photojournalistic style. I love unperformed, raw emotion, and candid photographs that tell a love story for decades to come.

A Little Bit About Myself:
 I'm a full-time mother of two boys & a wife. If I'm not photographing, I'm designing floral arrangements. 

Other Interests:
 In my spare time, I enjoy road trips and hikes with my family. I have the upmost respect for diversity, culture, art, music, cuisine, and nature. I'm also a science buff & Polaroid nerd. 

Erica 's Portfolio