Meet Jamie

Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA
Second Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2019
BFA in Photography from The University of the Arts Photos published for WXPN, Sad Punk Press, IMPRINT Entertainment, F-Stop Magazine, Weasel Press, and Tenth Street Miscellany Collection

Why I Love Weddings:

I LOVE love! I think it's such a special day for the couple and their family. It's absolutely an honor to witness it, whether I'm there as a guest or a photographer! The day is always full with so many happy moments and really brings everyone together. I love being able to be a part of a day meant to celebrate love.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I first became interested in photography when I was a child! I remember photographing my dolls on a disposable camera for my scrapbook at an early age. I found myself interested in taking photos again when I got my first cell phone with a camera, which led me to take photography classes in high school where I learned about film photography and the dark room. My love for photography then took me to the University of the Arts where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography.Now many of my photos are published in a few magazines and displayed at exhibitions!

Other Interests:

Other than photography, I love animals and music! I am a dog walker and pet sitter. Above all. I love hanging out with my cat! At night, you can usually find me at a concert with my camera in hand shooting for the magazine Sad Punk Press. I also enjoy working on fine art photography projects in my spare time.

Jamie 's Portfolio