Meet Jeff

Hometown:  Staten Island, NY
Second Wedding Photographer
Wedding Specialist

Why I Love Weddings:

Even before planning my own wedding, I have always latched on to the excitement of a wedding day. Guests are always dressed in stunning fashion and treated like absolute royalty; overall t’s a step away from the everyday grind. A wedding tells a unique story. As someone who is passionate about storytelling, I get a lot of enjoyment from being at weddings and seeing how others like to tell their own tale. 

A Little Bit About Myself:

I’m actually not from this area, but moved here with my wife. Before moving out east, I worked as a news anchor and live reporter for several network affiliate stations in Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee. I’ve always been telling stories, only now I don’t have to focus on finding a crazy lead story! Instead, I can focus on capturing happy moments that people want to remember forever. 

Other Interests:
Outside of wedding photography, I also love shooting fashion portraits and producing short films/music videos. However, when the camera is out of my hands, I binge watch a lot of TV with my wife and our pet bunny. In fact, I consider him my photo assistant. 

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