Meet Jessah

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Hometown:  Palisades Park, NJ
Senior Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since
Published in Toys R Us, Christmas Tree Shops, Harriet Carter, J. Josephson, and Ross Stores

Why I Love Weddings:

Since high school, I have been passionate about photography. My parents actually met in a color printing lab in NYC, and some have called me a darkroom baby! Art definitely runs in my family!

A Little Bit About Myself:

I adore photography as a way to express my personality. I have pursued this art as a career, not as a hobby. Creativity is in my blood. I look at certain corners and different angles that surprise others. To me, it seems normal. Only through this art form could the way that people view life be expressed. Photography is such an integral part of our lives, even if we don’t realize it. It’s used everywhere; from cell phone snaps, to advertising, to abstract closeups, to weddings. It is the quickest way to tell a story and is the most widely used art form in the world.

Photography is more than just pushing a button; it's capturing moments and feelings for us to hold onto for the rest of our lives. We can revisit these times whenever we'd like. We can showcase them on our walls, display them on our desks, and keep them nearby in our wallets. With photographs, the possibilities are endless!

Photography came naturally to me, and I've been told throughout my life that I have an eye for capturing great moments. I will always continue to develop my skills. We are never finished learning, and if anyone tells you otherwise, run!

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

One of my most memorable moments was the first time that I experienced “hora loca” or “crazy hour” at a wedding. There was a giant 8 or 9 foot tall performer dressed in all black with lights. Everyone wore super funky masks and danced like they’ve never danced before. I was so fascinated and stunned!

My Photography Style:

As a photographer, I have a journalistic mindset, and I love to capture real life and authentic moments.I also love to create light and soft images that show the raw emotion in the moment. Some have described my work as holographic, others have described it as high-key.

Other Interests:

I am a huge coffee fan! I can’t let a day go by without having two cups! I enjoy taking moments to relax and enjoy my favorite drink. In my free time, I love a cozy night in with my husband watching Big Brother, Friends, or Seinfeld. I also love dogs and hope we can get one in the future to snuggle with us!

I am obsessed with nature and camping. Fire pits? S’mores? Heaven! What I love about it is the solitude. There is so much land and we can experience nature with privacy. I will always enjoy the scenic route. I want to live on farm land one day. I’d trade in the fast-paced

I am always singing along to music when I drive in my car. Sometimes I'll even belt out notes when I'm with other people to make them laugh! I want to spend my time enjoying life. We are here on Earth for only a short while, so why not make it fun?

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