Meet Justin L

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Justin L
Hometown:  Jackson
Second Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2016
Recognized by Danny Clinch, a photographer for Rolling Stone, for unique live music photography.

Why I Love Weddings:

Weddings always bring out the best in me! From the parties to the tears, the wide range of emotions that prevail are exactly what I strive to capture. The importance of this special celebration pushes me to perform at my absolute best.

I always try to connect myself to the couple getting married as if it was my own wedding day. Overall, my main goal when photographing weddings is to put a pause on the emotions that flourish for a lifetime of heartfelt memories!

A Little Bit About Myself:

I am a young artist with a passion for music, photography, food, and entertainment. I strive to portray my work as professional yet extremely laid-back. I consider myself to be easy-going and free spirited.

I like to keep a positive outlook on life, and make every situation fun and exciting! I enjoy seeing other people happy, and I am incredibly passionate about helping people achieve that happiness, too!

Other Interests:

Besides being a wedding photographer, I am a musician, fashion and portrait photographer, networker, graphic designer, promoter, talent booker, producer, event planner, team builder, chef, big brother, team leader, and a friend!

I enjoy engaging in group activities where I can connect with others. Also, I love being outdoors every opportunity that I get. Lastly, my dream is to travel the world, play music, and capture the beauty of it all along the way!

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