Meet Justin R

Justin R
Hometown:  Barnegat, NJ
Senior Wedding Photographer

Why I Love Weddings:

I love to capture that raw emotion in the exact moment as it's unfolding. My passion is something that is the most important thing that I can bring to the wedding.

Getting to photograph people on the happiest day of their lives and getting to be as creative as I can be, is something that can't be faked. A photograph to me is a naturally captured emotion instilled into an image allowing you to briefly go back in time.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I'm a super laid-back person who is always seen with a camera in hand during any occasion!.

I just simply have an indefinite love for the camera and looking through it. I love to learn new things and capture new beginnings. I inspire to create.

Other Interests:

Movies and film! I studied acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking in my teens through my early 20's, so I'm a die-hard film buff, tried-and-true. From 1940's film noir, to French new wave cinema, to period pieces, I love all film and I have that cinematographers eye!

Justin R 's Portfolio

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