Meet Kelly

Hometown:  Manalapan, NJ
Senior Wedding Videographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2016
BS in Digital Media Technologies with a concentration in Video Production
Minor in Business Management

Why I Love Weddings:

I love filming weddings because you get to meet people on what is one of the best days of their lives. It is the one they've been dreaming about and spending so much time planning for. It's a great experience to celebrate with them on their special day. As the videographer, I'm able to offer the couple a product like no other, as no two couples have the same story to tell!

The challenge of producing such unique and different videos is what always keeps me on my toes. As far as my shooting style for weddings, I feel that it's my job to document and capture your moments authentically. It's important to remember that it's YOUR wedding day, not one you pose for. As my background is in editing, I know how to look for the best angles and get the most creative shots needed to tell your story. 


A Little Bit About Myself:

As a 2015 graduate of East Stroudsburg University, I was actively involved in the National Broadcasting Society as well as the college radio station, 90.3 WESS FM. Since graduating, I've been able to film/edit weddings, concerts, music videos, and product videos. Aside from videography and video editing, my other passions are snowboarding, long-boarding, and live music. I continually try to surround myself in high-energy situations.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

The most memorable wedding moment I've ever encountered was during a couple's first look. The wedding was at the beautiful historic site in Doylestown, PA. We had set the shot up so that the bride would slowly round the corner, tap the groom's shoulder, and they would be face-to-face for the first time. Since I'd been shooting with the groom all morning, I knew how nervous he was!

When she approached him, you could see they were both visibly shaking, and it subsided the minute they embraced one another. In that moment, I realized how special my job was. It was able to capture such raw emotions for the couple and give them a view that they don't always get to see. 

My Videography Style:
My style for shooting weddings is documentary. I love to capture the vows, the first kiss, the first dance, and everything special in between. I love using film to create a story through my unique and creative shots. 

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