Meet Marissa


Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA
Second Wedding Photographer
A.S. in Photography & Graphic Design

Why I Love Weddings:

Wedding photography, to me, is one of the most beautiful and pure forms of photography. It's a great feeling being able to step into a small part of someone's life for a moment and connect with them while I work. I love the way weddings allow me to capture a wide variety of things throughout the day including portraits, candids, close-ups, and detail shots as well as all the special moments in between. I love stepping into a different venue every time and seeing the aesthetic each couple created. Ultimately, I love making others happy and the reaction they make when they see what I have created for them. 

A Little Bit About Myself:

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in the world of art and I fell in love with photography when I was in high school. I attended a local vocational school where I spent half my high school career learning about graphic design and photography with other like-minded students. I found myself entering the world of photographing live music on the road and band promos for years. Now I've explored and fallen in love with many other fields of photography and continue to expand my interests all the time. 

Other Interests:
When I don't have a camera in hand, I am likely found outdoors. Whether I am rock climbing, roller skating, or hiking, I enjoy being out in the sun! I love traveling to new places as frequently as I can. Painting, thrifting, and finding new food spots are always on my to do list as well. But at the end of my busy day, nothing is better than watching some TV under my favorite blanket with a warm cup of coffee in my hands! 

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