Meet Mark


Hometown:  Freehold, NJ
Senior Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2015

Why I Love Weddings:

Why I love weddings stems from my own personal experiences. The day I started dating my wife for the second time (10 years later) I knew at first sight that I would marry her. It was just a matter of time! I always preached to her about "Forever Love" and all the different ways it could present itself. Weddings are that very special day that a bride may have dreamt about for her entire life. How huge is that right?! A lifetime thinking about a day filled with family, laughs, happy tears, and most importantly, the love of your life ! That emotion, passion, attachment, and love is exactly what charges through my veins on a bride and groom's special day. I connect with a wedding day on a level that allows me to be a part of that amazing energy. With that said, the images I capture get to represent my belief in Forever Love. Long story short, I'm obsessed with love that's made to last forever.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I live in Central NJ with my wife Brittany, two sons Breon (4yr) and Mylo (1yr), and our husky named Moon. I was in the automotive industry working 60-70 hours a week for almost 14 years. It paid the bills but didn't provide any feelings of fulfillment for me. I started feeling this the most when we had our first son and I was missing so many of his milestones. Brittany had always preached to me to try and pursue my true passion while we were young enough to do so. I finally took the leap and left what I thought was my comfort zone. Up until that point, I never would have known that lining up a shot of a groom seeing his bride for the first time in her dress and having a slow tear trickle down my cheek could be SO comfortable. I love emotion; there is no denying that. However, I use that emotion to really feel the photos as I take them. This is more than just my job; it's a part of my life force. My favorite part of wedding photography is going back home, editing and literally laughing or crying while reliving the exact moment that I just stopped in time. Love hard, love always your Memory Creation Manager, Mark

Other Interests:

I am absolutely obsessed with my wife, Brittany. We met on Myspace back in 2006 and reconnected in 2016. We booked our wedding venue in 2018 before I even popped the question. I proposed to her on my birthday in 2019 and we got married, safely, through the pandemic. Love conquers all things! Believe that. I absolutely love exploring the great outdoors especially with my family. My oldest son has been hiking with me since he was a year and a half and my youngest has been since he could walk. We have a highly active husky and he talks like a human. He even has a YouTube and Instagram account with almost 100,000 followers. Every day, we do what we can to spread laughter, love, and positive vibes to whoever we cross. Family means the world to me. So naturally, they are my biggest hobby. I also love cars and video games!

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