Meet Tremaine

wedding photographer ny tremaine

Hometown:  Bronx, NY
Senior Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2011
Photos published in Zola,, and Bride Chic.
BS in Fine Arts (in progress)

Why I Love Weddings:

I have always considered myself a hopeless romantic at heart! I really enjoy capturing the love that couples share on their special day. I pay close attention to every single detail, and I am always on the hunt for amazing shots. I feel that weddings are the perfect place for me to capture the details of each special moment.

I especially love those candid moments where the couple thinks no one is looking and you can capture the true nature of the relationship. Couples always wind up loving these kind of photos that capture their personalities. To be involved in such a big moment in someone's life is one of the best feelings ever!

A Little Bit About Myself:

I began photography in 2011 and have been obsessed ever since. I spend my free time learning and attending as many workshops as possible to improve my style. When I am not advancing my knowledge in photography, you can find me on campus working towards my Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Cooking is also a huge passion of mine. When I am not behind the camera, I'm probably in the kitchen! I like putting my own spin on timeless classics and I'm always looking for what recipe I can put my twist on next. One of my dreams is to be on Food Network's TV show, Chopped!

My Photography Style:

My photography style is very natural and romantic. My style always progresses as I continue to learn more about my art. As a photographer, I never want to stop learning new styles and different ways to make myself better. Pursuing my Bachelor's in Fine Arts was one of the best decisions I've made for my photography career and you will see me bring that to that table during our shoot.

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